Arete Fellowship

How do I make a difference in the world?

Some efforts to improve the world can be much more impactful than others. Smallpox eradication, the abolitionist movement, germ theory, and the Green Revolution demonstrate what’s possible when people come together to solve pressing problems. But these opportunities are few and far between. At the other end of the spectrum, well-intended initiatives have been ineffective or even counterproductive. Doing good better is one of the defining challenges of our time.

Over nine weeks the Arete Fellowship will equip Vanderbilt students with the knowledge to do good in the world more effectively and the tools to think critically about their career ambitions. Every week fellows will read one hour worth of content, which they will then discuss as a group.

By the end of the semester, Fellows have access to in-depth coaching, career connections, and unique opportunities to help others as part of a happy and meaningful life.