One for the World

One for the World (OFTW) is part of a broader effective giving movement focused on accomplishing as much good as possible per dollar donated. We take the guesswork out of philanthropy by recommending charities that we can verify through rigorous testing  to have a high impact per dollar spent.  We work closely with GiveWell, a top-ranked charity evaluator, to determine our charity portfolio.

OFTW’s selection process goes through three main stages: First, every year Givewell makes revisions to their 16 standout charities. Then OFTW conducts research on college campuses to determine the relative appeal of these charities and understand people’s motive for taking the pledge. Lastly, Givewell and OFTW collaborate to decide on their final portfolio.

OFTW chapters, located on over 50 college campuses nationwide, target college students and recent graduates. We encourage students to take our pledge, which is an agreement to donate a fixed proportion of one’s future earnings (1%, 10%, 50%) to our charities. We believe that effective giving should become a habit as early as possible.