One for the World

One for the World is part of a broader effective giving movement focused on accomplishing as much good as possible per dollar donated. We take the guesswork out of philanthropy by recommending charities that are proven to have the highest ROI.  Our charity recommendations are based on robust research on effectiveness; we leverage industry leading resources, like GiveWell, and then add an extra layer of diligence with our own staff of renowned economists.

We recommend 16 specific charities that address a variety of issues that affect the world’s poor including hunger/nutrition, water/sanitation, healthcare / infectious disease control, infant mortality, agriculture & farming, economic development, and education. 

One for the World chapters, located on over 25 college campuses nationwide, target college students and recent graduates. We ask that students take our pledge, which is an agreement to donate a fixed proportion of one’s future earnings (1%, 10%, 50%) to our charities. We believe that effective giving should become a habit as early as possible.