Involvement Fair

Once you’ve watched our intro video, stop by at our virtual stall on zoom to ask us any questions you have about Effective Altruism and our ongoing projects.Interest form

Fill out our interest form to stay updated on our One for the World chapter and Arete Fellowship as well as hear about one-off events we host and how else you can get involved in Vanderbilt-EA

One for the world asks that students take our pledge, which is an agreement to donate a fixed proportion of one’s future earnings (1%, 10%, 50%) to effective charities. Click to learn more about One for the World, take the one percent pledge or get involved as a One for the World ambassador.

Over nine weeks the Arete Fellowship will equip Vanderbilt students with the knowledge to do good in the world more effectively and the tools to think critically about their career ambitions. Click to more about the Arete Fellowship and how you can apply.

Other projects

Other than the Arete Fellowship and One for the World, we are organizing a wide range of events for this upcoming semester from fun speed-debating, to discussions on contemporary issues, to collaborative events with on-campus clubs, as well as opportunities to research crucial EA questions and help other organizations within the global movement. 

While we do care deeply about EA and helping students on their path towards doing good, we are also a community of people who enjoy board games, having in-depth conversations about all areas of life, and coming together to support one another in our shared pursuit of making the world a better place. 

If any of this sounds exciting to you or you’d just like to stay informed and not miss out any future events and opportunities, make sure to fill out the interest form!

Learn more about Effective Altruism

Want to dive deeper into Effective Altruism and what’s behind the movement? Check out this introductory article or if you prefer a video, this TED talk